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"Behind God Back"

About The Collection

 Inspired by the textural richness of a rural wilderness, this collection is dear to my heart.

“Behind God back” is an uninhabited Arcadian world, tucked behind a metropolitan paradise. Often overlooked! Often forgotten! It’s a place I call home, bare of human footprints yet bountiful and wild with life. When you wear these pieces, may you always be reminded of the untamed beauty that is always around us and behind God’s back.

Forest Cuff
Evergreen Pearl Earrings
Forest Huggie Earrings
River Rock Pearl Earrings
Creeping Vine Forearm Bangle
Creeping Vine Pearl Earrings
Chevron Amethyst Voodoo Lily Earring
Evergreen Pearl Earrings
Baby Butterfly Bush Pearl Errings
Creeping Vine Pearl Bracelet
Butterfly Bush Earrings
Fever Bush Studs
Fever Bush Pendant Necklace
Fever Bush Cuff
Fever Bush Ring
Lepidolite Voodoo Lily Earrings
Butterfly Bush Earrings
Fire Agate Voodoo Lily Earrings
Smoky Quartz Voodoo Lily Earrings
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